Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Colleague Plein Air Painters,

For years, I have personally heard rave reviews from many of you in person, via email, by phone and regular mail about Plein Air Magazine. Whether you were a subscriber or not, ever saw it or not, artists and galleries from everywhere were (and are still aware) of this most respected publication - and were saddened at its passing.

We now have a grand opportunity to let the publisher (who seeks our opinion and thoughts) offer our collective “voice”, and most of all of our support (or not) of bringing back Plein Air Magazine. Certainly there would be changes. Nevertheless, I remember the days of what I have always felt was our “Camelot” - when for the one bright shining moment, plein-air painting was put on the map in earnest.

The magazine promoted our plein-air heritage (which many of us never knew about), with features about masters of the past, present and future, along with artists getting out of their studios to discover painting on location for the first time. My personal observation was that the magazine had a direct and indirect impact on the plethora of professional and local groups rising up around the U.S. and the globe, collector education and more.

Please join me in this effort to MBRING BACK PLEIN AIR MAGAZINE.
I can only reach the contacts I have here on FaceBook. But you can expand that reach on behalf of us all. Please pass the word about this group.

Together we could spark anew, the fervor, quality and advancement of plein-air painting in all media and genre for generations to come.

L. Diane Johnson