Sunday, January 1, 2012

Plein air painter - January FEATURE artist

plein air painter Louise Sackett
More of Louise's work HERE

To see the mundane, and see it with a new eye, is to recognize the creative force of a higher power.  My art is a recognition of that higher power and a synthesis of all that passes through my mind, eye, hand and heart. It is an ever changing personal journey.
 Hopefully, while seeing one of my works, the viewer discovers that passage and relationship. It is the act of the work itself that is the journey, the reality for me. Something I recently read said that artists do not own their works. What they own is the process, the act of the creation of art. For a plein air artist, what they sometimes own is a haste to depart a scene due to environmental pressures in the forms of uninvited pests, a suddenly dangerous locale, changing, fleeting light or a blowing sudden rainstorm.
To paint plein air is to exult in being the most obstinate type of artist. My mom would have said I am well qualified. My art is a personal interpretation of my own experience; the people around me and the world in which I live and the glory I see in all creation, despite the obstacles, challenges and blocks. It’s not like the air I need to survive, it’s much more than that.

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