Sunday, August 24, 2008

6th annual Great WORLDWIDE 'Paint Out'

The Great WORLDWIDE "Paint Out" has always been 'green'

6th annual International Plein Air Painters WORLDWIDE Paint Out held
simultaneously around the globe.
See all countries participating HERE

International Plein Air Painters

The 6th annual Great Worldwide Paint Out commences on the weekend of September 5, 2008.
Plein air painters from all over the globe will convene to record the
historical buildings, places and vanishing farmlands, as part of
raising global awareness on our frail planet.

The Worldwide Paint Out is open to all artists. Sign up is free at . Organize a group in your local area, join a
group already online and encourage other artists to join in.
Send this info to other artists you know who may be interested in
helping to promote this Worldwide effort.
On a Worldwide scope, we need all the help we can get.

In Europe, it’s a common sight to see artists working outdoors and
while their efforts are much admired, people pretty much allow them to
work uninterrupted. In the US and Canada, plein air painters are a bit
of a novelty and create curiousity and entertainment. Children are
especially interested and awed by watching an art work being created.
Someday, outdoor painters may be as common place as everyday people on their way to work.

The World Tour of Contemporary Landscape Painters is part of
International Plein Air Painters Worldwide Organization. Partnered,
with Landscape Painters International, both organizations tour the
globe promoting green space and the obligation of landscape artists to
call attention to the cause.
You can see more info on this tour on IPAP’s website

You may also want to join International Plein Air Painters
organization or start a group in your area.
International Plein Air Painters also welcomes benefactor
memberships, to help promote the plein air movement.

To join online go to membership.html

For 2008, IPAP and Dick Blick Art Supplies have partnered to sponsor
a $250 award at a TBA location.

See website for specific requirements and to apply for this award for
the Paint Out 2008. International Plein Air Painters is a blanket
organization created for the sole purpose of advancing the execution
and enjoyment of Plein Air Painting without the restrictions and
limitations of borders or regions. Membership is restricted to Plein
Air Painters, those serious to learn about Plein Air Painting and
those who wish to be benefactors advancing the Plein Air movement.


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