Friday, April 3, 2009

April IPAP Feature plein air painter

Jose Rodriquez

Artist Statement

I have been painting and drawing for over 25 years, including 18 years as a graphic artist/designer.
A variety of creative projects have enriched my artistic skills throughout my art career.
Even though I still paint studio work, I get most of my enjoyment from painting outdoors. I feel so inspired when I am surrounded by mother nature and the challenges she brings. I am very proud when people walk by and see my painting in progress and ask many questions of the painting process. If I am not painting with my group of the Ocala Plein Air Painters, I am usually painting from aboard my pontoon
boat. I am fascinated by the waters and the beautiful colors around me that mother nature displays.
I am obsessed with wanting to paint all that I see and want others to see this also.
There is nothing more fascinating and rewarding than a finished painting that was painted on location.

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Greta Michelle Joachim said...

I couldn't get the featured artist open on my email, so I'm only now getting to peek at you work. Congratulations to you! Your work is exceptional.