Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Plein Air Painter - International Plein Air Painters 9th Birthday


Tuesday October 19, 2010
So very proud to have been associated with a great group of talented, caring Artists. Who would have thought we'd be going into our 10th year ?!

Celebrate with us wherever you may be!

We couldn't have made it this far without YOU !

Every single member makes this organization
Every Charter Member keeps us solid
Every Signature Member makes us professional
Every Ambassador makes us International
Every Advisory Panel member keeps us organized

Executive Director and Founder
J.R. Baldini

Executive Panel Head
Paul Sherman

Elected IPAP Advisory Panel (AP)

Sharon Allen
Christian Corey
Sylvio Gagnon
Brenda Hofreiter
Julie Houck
Jim Southerland

Executive Ambassador and Blogmaster
Brandy Gale


Pierre Bouret
Greta Joachim
Mike Mallory
Kathryn McMahon
Alcina Nolley
Barbara Perrotti
Gail Ribas
Linda Richichi
Robert Stem
Marilyn Witt

Charter Members

Emmi Andersen
J.R. Baldini
Ted Beardsley
Steve Beaubien
Phil Chadwick
Chris Corey
Marjorie Crain
Annika Farmer
Mike Mallory
Elaine Pelosi
Gail Ribas

Best Wishes All !
Membership for 2011

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