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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - World Tour of Contemporary Landscape Painters


Contact: Michael Chesley Johnson Director

Far and Near Horizons



Contemporary Landscape Artists Seek to Create Environmental Awareness and Stewardship of the Land as well as Further Appreciation for Landscape Painting
The world tour “Far and Near Horizons” is an international art exhibit organized by two of the world’s foremost contemporary Landscape Painting groups – Landscape Artists International (LAI) and International Plein Air Painters (IPAP).

“The mission of the tour is to act as a bridge between countries of the world to foster environmental awareness,” says “Far and Near" founder Linda Richichi. “The art on the canvas becomes a universal language and acts as an ambassador between different cultures. Art is a bridge, bringing us together.”

This unique gathering of Plein Air and Landscape artists from around the globe features 18 signature and charter members (expanding to 30 juried artists in 2008) who currently represent five countries. IPAP specializes in Landscape Paintings done entirely en plein air (outside), while LAI members paint landscapes in both plein air and studio settings. While the outlooks and temperaments are slightly different, the commonality of all the artists involved is a passion for painting nature’s landscape.

“As artists,” states Michael Chesley Johnson, Director, “there’s a reason why we paint the landscape and not the figure, still life or some other subject. The landscape feeds our creative fire. Thankful for its inspiration, we are eager to see that it gets taken care of. And the best way to see that it gets taken care of is to put it on display for the entire world to see. Our hope is that our paintings will encourage others to become stewards of the land – just as we have become its promoters.”

The Far and Near Horizons World Tour launched its tour in June 2007 at the Karpeles Museum in Newburg, NY, and St. Augustine Gallery in St. Augustine, FL, and plans several stops in the 2008-2009 seasons.
Cities currently scheduled are: Door County, WI (April-May),
Estes Park, CO (June-July),
Qualicum Beach, Vancouver, BC, Canada (July-August) and
Terrace Gallery, Orlando, FL (Sept 2008-January 2009).

"We are excited to bring this caliber of work to Colorado," notes Lynda S. Vogel, Executive Director of the Cultural Arts Council of Estes Park, "and at the same time, honored to be part of their world wide mission using visual arts as the medium. As a gateway community to Rocky Mountain National Park, we have presented previous exhibitions that exemplify land stewardship and preservation through national tours like ARTS for the PARKS. We are grateful to work with IPAP and LAI and hope the public will join us this summer as we unveil Far and Near Horizons in Colorado."

Far and Near Horizons is made possible by generous assistance from art lovers and stewards of the land alike. Current sponsors are AirFloat Systems, ArtFrames, Golden Artists Colors, Jack Richeson and Co. and Dick Blick Art Materials. Throughout the history of humankind, the arts have only thrived in cultures that have appreciated and supported them as a thing of intrinsic value and significance. Individuals and corporations who count artists or art collectors among your clients or wish to further promote stewardship of natural landscapes, Far and Near Horizons welcomes monetary support to help with advertisement and administrative costs, as well as goods and services such as shipping, printing and gift certificates. For sponsorship opportunities, contact Karl Eric Leitzel, Sponsor Coordinator, at 814.404.2043 or via email at http://us.f554.mail.yahoo.com/ym/Compose?To=karl@keleitzel.com.
About International Plein Air Painters – International Plein Air Painters (IPAP) is a blanket organization created for the sole purpose of advancing the execution and enjoyment of plein air painting without the restrictions and limitations of borders or regions. For more information, visit www.i-p-a-p.com.
About Landscape Artists International – LAI is a collective effort by member artists from around the globe to increase the appreciation of landscape-oriented art by people of all walks of life, and to promote the careers of the member artists. The organization debuted online with 12 charter members representing seven countries. In less than a year, LAI has grown to more than 200 members representing at least 20 countries.
Visit http://www.l-a-i.com/.

For more information about the World Tour of Contemporary Landscape Artists – Far and Near Horizons, visit http://landscapeartistsinternational.com/World_Tour/about.html.

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