Saturday, March 1, 2008

Feature Artist March 2008 - Julie Houck

Artist Statement
My process is straightforward. I look at what I paint. I work in oils en plein air or in the studio. I try to put the atmosphere and emotion of the place or scene in my pieces. I am most interested in the transmission of light in my paintings. It is not always the literal view. I am highly influenced by my teachers who were mostly classically trained. The early years in the atelier have stayed with me. They taught me about light and form and creating atmosphere. I will always be grateful.
Although I live in Hawaii, I am not a regional painter. I travel to California and the West and to France several times a year. I am attracted to scenes that tell a story about the place. I believe this is a legacy from my career as a professional photographer. On location, my job was to tell the story with imagery. Pictures
told the story, not words. In my work, I aspire to capture that “something else” about a place and to recreate, on canvas, the feeling of “being there.”
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