Thursday, September 27, 2007

Central PA Pastel Society in Worldwide Paint Out

Our Central PA Pastel Society participated in the IPAP September 07 Worldwide Paint Out locally at Fishermen's Paradise in Bellefonte on September 7 and 8.

Attending artists and friends were, Susan Nicholas Gephart, Laura Winn Kane, Sharon McCarthy, Linda Shimmel, Theresa Spitler, Milt Trask, Jeffery Mathison and Jennifer, a student of Linda's.

We painted from 9:00 AM till noon and regrouped to look at our paintings during our lunch.
At this time we had a special name drawing given to one attending CPPS artist. Theresa Spitler from Montoursville was selected to receive a "Free" one year's IPAP membership. This generous gift has been extended from the founder of IPAP, Jacqueline Baldini. A "Big Thanks" to IPAP for supporting our CPPS group and congratulations Theresa!

Looking forward to more great "Paint Outs",
Susan Nicholas Gephart
CPPS Co Vice President

Theresa Spitler, winner of the IPAP Membership.

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