Tuesday, September 18, 2007

News From St. Lucia

Above: Paul & Dawn Krone & family, Peggy Jackson, Alcina Nolley, Jacqueline
Atherly, Talitha Horn, Cecil Fevrier at St Lucia during the IPAP Worldwide Paint Out, 2007. Below: paintings by the artists
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We (7 of us, plus 4 children) gathered at the fisheries complex in the city of Castries. It was a very hot, sunny day so most of us gravitated toward the shade of a large tree. Consequently, there are several versions of the same boat. Others stationed themselves under a shelter near a pier. The art work was exhibited at the Pyramid building, the home of the Alliance Fran├žaise. That pyramid is seen in two of the paintings.

There was media coverage before and after the event:

Photos of the artists at work:

Alcina Nolley
Cecil Fevrier
Peggy Jackson, Dawn Krone, Talitha Horn
Talitha Horn
Jacqueline Atherly
Paul Krone and kids
Peggy Jackson

Submitted by Alcina Nolley, St Lucia

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