Saturday, September 8, 2007

IPAP WorldWide Paint Out: NHPleinAir Update!

Friday: We had 14 painters at the Contoocook Village Dam - some NHPlein Air members, some who joined us because they'd read about it in the papers. Three of our members in Maine stayed closer to home to paint, but will be joining us for painting on Sunday and to participate in our wet painting sale. Another member stopped by to cheer us on ... so we had a total of 17 painters - a new record! We also had quite a few visitors who came by to watch us work, most because of press coverage prior to the event.

Saturday: We had a total of 19 painters! 15 at Dimond Hill Farm, our 3 in Maine, and one who was in a local art show but painted at his booth so he could say he participated. Several more new artists joined us today, again due to publicity. Lots of visitors. Now we just hope all these folks show up tomorrow for the painting sale! And we hope the weather doesn't force us indoors!

A curious weather note - our group has been particularly lucky weather-wise since the group started and we've actually recently adopted the motto "If the forecast said scattered, it's never mattered!" Today there were forecasts of scattered T-storms towards late afternoon. At our location is got pretty dark and the winds kicked up (causing us to get ready to make a run) and we got about 5 drops of rain but nothing more. One of the workers at the farm had been off site for a few minutes and said that less than 10 minutes up the road it was raining so hard that she couldn't see out her windshield, even with the wipers on high speed. We were TRULY blessed and our luck continues to hold.

I've got lots of photos, but no really good group photos as we were all spread out pretty well on both days. Hopefully we can get one good group shot at tomorrow's reception.
Hope all the other groups are enjoying this as much as we are.
To see our photos and reports for these 1st two days, visit NHPleinAir 's web site.
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